A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Pairing

So you have your menu set, now how to chose the wine? Here is a simple guide to picking wines that complement any dish.

Wine Basics:

It may seem too complicated for a wine novice, but you don’t have to be a Master Sommelier to wow your crowd with a simple, but effective wine pairing. The simplest solution is to go with the “classic” pairings: Red for Meat, White for Fish. Next, the intensity of the wine should match the intensity of the dish. You don’t want your wine pick to overpower a delicately flavored dish. You also don’t want your wine getting lost when it’s up against a strongly flavored dish. Last ditch advice, acidic wines pair well with food in general, so this should be your go to pairing when in doubt. This is especially helpful when trying to make an untraditional pairing, such as a white with red meat. A nice Sauvignon Blanc with high acidity will work well enough if your guest does not want the more traditional Cab and Steak pairing. Just be careful to keep the acidity of the wine higher than the acidity of the dish. Acidic foods will make an acidic wine taste sour, no matter how tasty it is on its own!

For a thorough explanation on wine pairing, check this article out from wine folly. This is my favorite site for all things wine!

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