Setting the Tone at the Table

Creating a memorable tablescape is the easiest way to bring your event theme to life. From centerpieces to napkin holders, every detail on the table can communicate your style to guests.

The tablecloth- After you have determined the color scheme of your theme, apply it to the table. Add an overlay or runner (or both!)  over your tablecloth to make an even bigger impact. Different styles of fabrics can help express your theme, whether it is rustic, elegant, or casual.

The centerpiece- Flowers are traditional and easy centerpieces for no-fuss event planning. A cool looking vase adds instant personality to your flower arrangement, while a non-traditional holding vessel can add uniqueness to your table decor. Candles enhance the ambiance of the table with mood lighting, and can be house in something interested like a lantern or mason jar. Another way to show your creativity is to create an elaborate still-life that encompasses your theme at the center of the table.

The place settings- Anything can serve as a placemat and will instantly add character to your table theme. Dress up napkins with an decorative holder or an intricate fold. Add a personal touch with placecards for each of your guests. Arrange your assortment of utensils, dishes, and glasses like a pro with this place-setting guide.

Favors- Thank your guests for attending with style by adding favors that go along with your event theme. Whether it be a delicious treat or a timeless treasure, these parting gifts will create lasting memories of your event.


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