Through Rose Gold Glasses

When I got my new job, my daily commute went from 15 to 45 minutes. It’s easy to look at an extra half hour as an inconvenience, but looking through a different filter may reveal a silver (or gold!) lining. I love listening to university lectures produced by The Great Courses on audible. Each chapter of a given lecture series ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, so my new commute became the perfect window to fit some professional or personal development into my daily routine. I went from slogging through a series over three or four months to crushing one in just a few weeks!

Right now, I’m listening to The Quest for Meaning: Values, Ethics, and the Modern Experience presented by Professor Robert H. Kane from the University of Texas at Austin. It’s got me thinking about my grand purpose – what is the meaning of life, and what is the meaning of my life? The word philosophy is derived from the Greek words Philos (φίλος) meaning friend and Sofia (Σοφία) meaning wisdom. Which is perfect, considering this month my birthday is coming up so it feels like it’s all about me! Okay, maybe not but knowing my name means wisdom does help me stay focused for success.

reach for what you want in life

Wise people generally share an optimism that life’s problems can be solved and experience a certain amount of calm in facing difficult decisions.

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Optimism doesn’t always come easy. In fact, more often than not I really have to work at it. Sometimes you have to throw on a pair of rose colored glasses to see the good in the world. Telling myself a beautiful fairytale instead of focusing on the nightmare reality has sometimes been necessary to keep calm and carry on. This year, I’m taking the pen and re-writing my story with the ending I choose – wearing some fashionable sunglasses to inspire me. Sometimes I need that filter to keep my head on straight, and nothing looks prettier than a rose gold future ahead of me. So my friends – Friends of Wisdom – reach out and grab what you want in life. Don’t let your best future slip out of view.

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